I recently upgraded my PLC Programming PCs running Win7 Pro from Automation Direct (automationdirect.com) Productivity Suite v3.5.2.2 to v3.5.3.3. When I did so, my file association for .adpro files quit working forcing me to open the Productivity Suite software first and selecting the project file to open instead of just double-clicking the .adpro file in Windows Explorer.

I emailed Tech Support and they had no fix. They told me to do a Google search…

After some investigation, I found that the v3.5.3.3 installation was failing to update the file association links in the registry. They were all still pointed to v3.5.2.2

 "C:\Program Files (x86)\AutomationDirect\Productivity Suite\Productivity Suite.exe" "%1"

You can either use regedit.exe and search for this string replacing the version number in all instances or simply download this excellent file association tool from Github: http://ystr.github.io/types/

After installing Types, you can right-click an .adpro file in Explorer, select ‘Edit file type’, and change the ‘open’ Action to point to the correct version.

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