Apache 2.4 Access Log Configuration & Location on Synology DSM 7

You need to be familiar with connecting to your Synology using SSH and working with Linux commands to proceed. In DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 6, Apache logging configuration is done in /usr/local/etc/apache24conf/httpd22.confThere is an entry for the Error Log but not the Access Log.You need to add the CustomLog item below: The /run directory has the […]

Obtaining detailed Synology UPS Information

Synology uses a customized version of Network UPS Tools (NUT) for controlling and sharing its connected UPS. In Control Panel | Hardware & Power | UPS, DSM displays minimal information about the connected UPS. Synology only provides one NUT tool – upsc – but this tool can give you detailed information about the UPS. If […]

Using Synology Self-signed SSL Certificates internally with Windows & Linux

When setting up secure Intranets, it is often necessary to configure the servers with SSL certificates that have not been issued by a trusted certification authority. While browsers such as Firefox allow you to add an exception, even permanently, to the site in question, opening that website in Chrome will produce an error notice each […]